Choose your panda

After logging in with Metamask, you can see your pandas. You can choose with which panda you wish to play the game. Each panda has 3 energy points resetting at 0 am UTC. Each game will consume one action point.

Create your deck

To create your deck, click on the "your deck" button to see all the NFT cards you own. Then you can remove a card from your deck (one by one) and add a card from the one you own. Your deck should be made of 18 cards, and you can have a maximum of 5 cards with the same name for common cards and only 2 for every other type of card.

Go to Game

When ready, you can start a game. You will be waiting until an opponent is found. When found, the game will load, and your panda will lose an energy point. The winner of the fight will win a raffle ticket.


1 : The cost to pay in action point(s) to activate the Active effect(s) of this card.
2 : The name of this card.
3 : The Active effect(s) that will be activate if you play this card while your turn (and pay its action point cost).
4 : The ┬ĘPassive effect that will be activate if you have this card at this end of your turn in your hand.


Each player will have a turn playing after one another. Each turn, a player gets 6 new cards and 2 action points, except the first player whose first turn is 3 new cards and 1 action point to make the game more balanced.
The current player can play how many cards they wish if the player has enough action points and cards to play. Each card played while it's your turn will do its Active effect. When the player decides their turn is over, they can press the "End turn" button. After ending your turn, every card not played will be discarded. Each card discarded at the end of the turn will do a Passive effect.
Then if any creature of the opponent (panda or summoned creature) has any stacked damage, this creature will deal this damage to the closest enemy creature.
Finally, the player will draw new cards from his draw pile. If the deck is empty, the cards previously discarded will be mixed to create a new draw pile.

Card Effect

Block : Create a shield that blocks as much damage as its value. The shield is destroyed at the beginning of your turn.
Draw : Draw the number of cards from your draw pile.
Discard : You choose which card(s) to discard from your hand to the discard pile. If you don't have enough cards to discard, you discard all your cards left.
Exhaust : This card is eradicated for this fight. You won't be able to draw it anymore.
Place a card on top of your deck : You choose a card to put from your hand to the top of your draw pile. Next time you draw a card, you are sure to get it.
Gain action : You gain an action point to play more cards.
See the next cards : You can see the next cards on your draw pile and know which cards will be the next ones to draw.
Prevent stacked damage : If the enemy panda has stacked damage, it will be canceled, and he won't attack you at the end of your turn.
Summon : You summon the creature to fight beside you. You can only have one creature of each type. If you summon a creature you already have summoned, the first creature will die, and a new one will be summoned with all its HP. The creature can have different effects: stack damage, heal you, etc.
Summon passive action: For a summon passive action to be effective, the creature must be summoned on the battlefield, or the card won't have any effect.